Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Time

Saying nothing to somthing is the most relaxing and amazing thing on the planet. I think thats why they invented blonging. Saying nothing to somthing relaxes people. At least it relaxes me.
My Birthday is in 7 days, 7 days until im 16...sadly im not that excited I dont really make a big deal out of my Birthday I just feel so silly asking everyone to celebrate my birth....It just all seems so silly. Plus every Birthday until my 18th just bothers me as if the age is mocking me. Letting me know that I'm still a useless child and still cant buy my lovely Cigarettes. By the way the only thing I'm asking for from my two Best Friends and if your planing on geting me somthing for my Birthday ( tho im sure noone is ) know that a pack of smooths will make me love you. And if you knew me youd know that Cigarettes are the perfect Birthday gift...And Urban Outfitters shoping <5 Speaking of Urban Outfitters for my Birthday im taking Moodie with me to Tampa to do some shoping + dinner and Pf Changs + stoll around downtown Tampa. My other best friend Averie wont be joining but she will be with me ON MY BIRTHDAY the 22. I love Averie so much she is such a huge part of my life..
I have a new Boyfreind hes super cute and super nice. Tommorow before school starts I'm seeing him =) im stoaked.

As for the weekend
THURSDAY = with alix
FRIDAY= with alix
SATURDAY = with the family
SUNDAY = homework

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