Monday, October 20, 2008

Edie My dear

What a fantastic movie. I just finished it and it was simply amazing. Audrey Hepburn is very captivating almost as cpativating as my idol Edie Sedgwick. I never want to see Breakfast at Tiffanys. I worry that the movie it self cant compare to the poster of Audrey. That poster inspired Edie and at least once every two weeks. I take a good look at that picture I stare at it waiting for what hit Edie to hit me...although I'm not sure what hit Edie so I wont know it if it did hit me but yeah.
Whats been on my mind not only today but yesterday too is the Museum of the Moving Image they did a spectacular showing for Edie in 2007 and I just wish I knew about it...I wish I would have gone... Its all about her and all her films on the big screen again. Ah Just thinking about what it would have been like to see her films in a theater is just absolutley amazing...and yet its its pointless getting all upset about somthing that happend last year somthing that I missed.But god oh god would i have loved to go.

Wonderful ! simply Wonderful..ah oh well. When people ask me If i know everything there is to know about Edie...I feel odd telling them the truth as if by saying it they would think that I really dont care about her...the truth is I've only read one biography on her saw two documentorys on her and Ive seen almost everyone of her films minus Restaurant and Kitchen all of Afternoon tho I've seen most of Afternoon. Ive also seen all of her screen test. They are my favorite although most her Andys films of Edie are somewhat like a screen test the screen tests them selves are so much more insightful and as if your talking with her to her its great. But Honestly I dont know it all I know very little. But I feel to love to her to adore everything about her I dont need to know all the facts to have read all the books...if you ask me stupid. I love who she wanted everyone to love.Oh Edie I love you so much. i love you so so so much.
Style icon all the way.

Birthday is Wendsday two more days to go. Well I'm off to watch Some Like It Hot with Marlyn Monroe.

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