Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Aftermath

I've come down with a slight cold. It's nothing I cant get over in a matter of days I'm sure.
My Birthday went really well, although it did have It's set backs. The day was going well even tho I hated my hair I'm getting it cut tommorow thank god. The entire day I felt to triumphant over myself..turning 16 a whole new age full of new things and new mistakes. I wassnt going to make the same mistakes not again not this year. One of the mistakes said somthings to me that very well could have killed my birthday high but thank god it didnt effect it too much. Alix made me cookies it was so sweet of her. Averie got me 2 packs shes amazing. My mother got me four volumes of red garden !!!!!!!!!!!! Ah fucking mazing seriously all that I wanted. But with my wonderful family that wassnt all I got. My mother and Trissy got me a kick ass camera that I cant wait to use this weekend. My nana got me both caridgans I soo wanted and a 2 books one of them the giving tree that was so sweet. My nanas gifts almost made me cry I have no clue why. My grandpa got me the coolest book ever. Im so stoaked to read it. And ten this weekend I'm going to urban as another part of my bithday gift and thats like ammmaazzingg. But the plans have changed I'm not going with Moodie. She cant go I guess she got in trouble.
I'm pissed at the situation I'm not sure If im pissed at her. I wanted to take her beacuse I wanted to..I wanted to save our friendship for a time we were soo close. Now now were drifting. I wanted to just take her I told averie who reallyy wanted to be with me for my birthday she couldnt come cuz I wanted some alone time with Moodie. Averie wantedd to go. She wasnt excited cuz she was going or cuz it was for urban She just wanted to go cuz she likes being with me and I with her. Averie is my rock. And I told her no for moodie and mines sake. Now Moodie cant go. Now I'm taking Averie who was who I wanted with me in the first place. Moodie and I were fine even tho we wernt seeing eachother but then she did somthing. Somthing that inside I know I'm pissed at her for even tho I know that if I told her she would just get pissed back at. But what she's doing may not be what I think shes doing But through a kind of filter I'm thinking it is. Anyways I'm done trying to be her brother. If you want to see me you take off work you tell me were hanging out cuz despite what she may think My life is always open for her and I will cancel every plan I have for her.

I love Averie My mother my nana and the people who care for me
And of course my ALIIXXX

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