Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear First.

You have opened eyes that have been closed. You have shown me sight you have allowed realtiy to grab me, shake me and tell me. It's over now there is no more left. I have mistaken the heart for the habit. You had become a kind of habit for me. A ritual for me. Without you it wouldnt have stopped. We are wrong nothing about it or us made sense to me..and hasnt for quite some time. But I couldnt stop wanting you, I couldnt stop craving you I wouldnt stop thinking I loved you. You are not and have not been my first love, but my first obbsession. A feeling so similar to love feelings that are so easily confused.
My need for you wassnt a need it was a habit. You are right. Your eyes are and have been opene and thats the reason for your neglect and your hesitance. Beacause you've know beacuse you could see what I could not. I have but one thank you for you..I thank you for opening closed eyes. And I apprecitate you for that.
At some point it had to stop at some point I had to grow. I've had a relization..

The last and the only. Over with and overgrown.