Friday, September 25, 2009

I can see it taking shape.

It's hard to keep sight of the remind myself daily of it. I keep telling myself that this is all for that...that life that future. For the first time in my whole life, I am stable I know what I want and I am pursuing it with a passion that could crumble citites. For the first time in my life.....
. You wait for these momments in your life when your overcomb with substance and relivance...and I think I've always felt that way..I just had to look at the world around me. It goes by...ready or spins and the world though it may feel like it at times never stands still and never will. So I stopped watching and dreaming and talking and just went, I moved with the earth and for the first time in my life I saw a future. I saw that I was capable that it was possible to go exactly where I want. If I just keep going if I just keep pursuing and never stop thinking of tommorow but more importantly today.
Tommorow saved me, but today makes me. Today makes me move, everyday I wake up and look around and I'm not there..Im not where I want to be yet, and that makes me move.
.Life is sequential it has an order and steps that must be taken and must be completed ( high school , Sarasota, puberity haha ) and they are so important. Today makes tommorow the effort of today effects all your tommorows and yesterdays never change. And I had a thought while walking by Saks Fifth Avenue downtown chicago, that I want this. I looked down at my Gucci bag and at the lables and designers around me and the city, I saw where I was going and suddenly, these wernt "goals" were no longer asspirations they were my life. I was living in them then and I am living in them today. I realized that my goals were happening all around me that these were the years and the days when they happen, when you make things happen.
You grow up more then you ever will in momments like that. Today is real, third period is essential, high school becomes a training ground, Today transends to tommorow.

How much time can we afford to waste ? How many classes can we skip ? How many days will it take till it's too late ? I dont know, but I know it's not a lot and I know that Today is pavement and so is the next day and the next and someday I'll have made a road, and then, then I will go, then I will take that road. I am Jacob Tobin, and this is my life, and I am struck by it. Hit with it. Moved by it. I had a thought yesterday..that maybe I'll get everything I've ever wanted..that maybe I'll do all the things I aspire to do. And I belived it.

I'm doing everything I want to do. I'm going exaxctly where I want to go. Watch out.
I'll be there..I'm comming