Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Supply and Demand Baby

Wear me down. Use me up. Tear me down. I want to feel run down.
Let's go, take me down the road.
Against the blankets on a bed or against the walls of superior. Let's do it Let's go, Let's shrivel up and die.
Run me down, I'm begging you.
I find it all so, so glamorous so fabulous so wonderfully tragic.
Let's go take me where it goes. Take me from where things like that, like this never grow. Let's just....go.
I can feel it in my veins and in your bones. I can see it in your eyes. I can hear it's roar comming down that road.
I know where it all goes..places that I don't want to go. Days that I really dont want to see.
Ignore it with me. Use me up with me. Lay down in my sorrow and in my mess. Let my mistake wrap you up close and keep you safe and warm. Let's do it, let's go wear me down and use me up.
I wanna feel it, I need to touch it. I want to be run down.
Do it. Do it with me. Run me Down.
Supply and Demand Baby.

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