Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'll be anything, anyone

I want to know what you feel. I wanna here it. Tell me eveything. Tell me what you feel. Just touch me.
I'll go anywhere any time.
Just take me into what you feel is real and I will beleive it, and I will trust it.
What you're looking at can change. Whatever you don't like. it's gone.
Just make me something. Take me somewhere. By myself I'll go nowhere. I need you to change me. To make me. Create me.
Take your hands and put them behind you're back and touch me.
Touch me. Without you're hands.
I am a bucket. Fill me. Fill me until you can't move me. Spill me. Fill me again.
I am everything you want. And I am nothing you don't.
I'll go anywhere anytime. I'll be anything, anyone.

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