Saturday, November 8, 2008

Phisycal Aspect

What is left. When every aspect of the heart and mind have been used up. What is left. Hatred is all thats left. Its the last leaf on this tree. All of this went through me went and tore at all that it can offer me. What I'd rather be left isnt. This anger for you only grows. I see no sign of it dying down.
The physical aspect of myself seems to grow. When my words die mid transport when none of them reach you when none of them touch you. This physical aspect of me. It seems to grow..I stare at my small briddle hands and I wonder how much damage they could do to you. I need something that gets to you. Something that stays inside of you telling you..killing you as it kills me. I hate..this is why I've failed. This emotion only shows me what he knew what he saw and used. I'm brittle and weak I was surprised by it by how fast it grew what should have took decades took only days. You knew. This hatred only proves my own inability to walk. To go unfazed. Incapable and inadiqutie..I have to look and I have to think about this side of me. About this side that I've seen in so many others...but never in me. This phisycal aspect of me. Could it get me where I want to go. Could it be that which goes through him that which sticks in him. This Physical aspect of me. I look to for a kind of outlit and a sort of break. The tree has but one leaf...These tools for my body have but one sheet left. Hatred. From this grows this..blindess that I can see. That changes me. What else is left. Left without nothingnes and lacking all that one can respect. I look to this phisycal aspect.

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