Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thats low

Where was I comming form ? I'm not even sure, I guess it was low..and a little to harsh and a little to mean. And yet how can I be sorry for somthing I feel I am entitled to. I am entitled to be angry to be mean and to never be sorry. He took advantage of my youth. For him I was somthing new and somthing else nothing big beacuse it wassnt his frist go around. For him everything meant anything. A bunch of seconds and a chance to a blow a heavy load. But everything meant everything to me. For me, it wassnt just anything it was my everything. My first time feeling somthing I've only seen before, emotions I pretended to feel. That meant somthing to me, he meant somthing to me. I was happy, I was really happy. Now I am forever changed and forever angry, and forever entitled.

Was it low ?

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