Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sad I can't spell.

I'm gone. Without friends without Loved ones. I'm gone. Wasted away and dead. I'm sue thats not me, but how easily it can be. Strong for now. But for how long will I be strong for ? Survival is a choice...honestly I havnt chosen to die or to survive. I'm on the fence I wonder what I'll survive for..then again I wonder what I will die for. A selfish act, this kind of ticking suicide. In time will I let myself die. A worthy cause to survive and yet I wonder if I am capable of it. If I am strong enough for life. I contemplate death in the sense of it being a chance. Will I allow myself to die ? Can I survive ? These questions arise as I drift from reality and fade into fantasy. This direction is one without maps and lacking any kinda of path, a general place with a general destination. I know they both intend for substance.
I'm honest with me and with you. This is whats on my mind. Scary maybe. Morbid, yes. But real nonetheless.
On the fence.

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