Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wow baby.

Somthing about tonight, goodbye.
I've said hello a million times but I could count on one hand how many times I've said goodbye.
Not many people, mean enough to say goodbye to.
I've mett you, and for some, I will not care to not see you.
Here or there, it wouldnt faze me with some of you.

But with you, I felt it did.
Your my best friend, and now I find myself shy.
Shy from the title.
Are you my best friend ? We've always been so close, and yet I'm shy.

Maybe it's okay, for us to go our seperate ways. Maybe I'm growing without you.
Maybe I'll live a life without you.
Your still my friend.
You'll always be, but maybe, you wont always be with me.
I can't look at you the same, honestly you were out of line. And I saw who I've been seeing, who I didnt want to see. And now I'm not sure you and I are meant for future.

For stuff and nonsense, maybe for here and now.
I know about the future, for the first time I can see the idea.
I wanted forever for all of you. And I feel strongly that one of you willl be forever.
Why cant you grow ? Why can't you stop being like this, doing things like this.
I've grown and now it's as if everything about you is..small.
I can't bare to deal with your antics anymore. I find them annoying.
You need to start moving, beacuse youve stopped and now your shrinking. Nothing will save you, but people will help you, I just dont want to be one ot them.
I don't want to help you anylonger.

Be my friend for now. For things, have changed.
Like a weed.

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