Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. Only now, when I stop looking at myself..and I look at you. Some might call me selfish...and I may call myself that. So much time and so much pain can come from someone trying not to be selfish..trying to look for others intrests. Taking care of anothers happiness before your own....beacuse you love them. I love very few...but thouse who I love..I love greatly, I love them with all of me. At some point..our friendship stopped making me happy.. and yet I stayed beacuse our friendship made you happy..but when you make sure everyone you love is happy..when are you allowed to be happy. I thought I would always love you..and I do

and yet....I've stopped.

I have to be happy and I'm so sorry but I've let go. Our friendship has faded and changed with the quickness and strength of the seasons..the same tree and's cold and it's dead. I'm sorry and your voice moves me...and your face hurts me. I see that your angry that your sad and I look within my own eyes and self...and I am happy. It seems that we can't coincide I love you...but that love has become apart of me...I can't get rid of it so I will continue to keep it. I havnt been sorry for quite some time and I morn for our friendship and it's untimely death.

Who'd of thought...

Fate will twist and we will bend.

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