Monday, April 13, 2009

So it's been like a year.

I've pretty mush been attached to my Journal. So I havn't really found a reason to post anything...but as I sit in french class..with nothing to do I suddenly find time to say somthing. Well Alix is in Seattle and that makes schoool practically...death. I feel like shit. I look like shit. But besides that, everything is more then on track, everything is fantasic. Once you make school a rutine and you just go with it, without sceaming to skip or complaining about staying, school goes by sooo fast. I've just gottten over hating somthing I have no way out of. In fact school is only going to help me rite now, all I need to do is graduate and I know I can do that. I owe it to everyone around me to do somthing on the path. So I wake up, I take a shower ( not today badddd move ) get dressed do my hair. Get driven to the bus stop and while i wait for the bus I have a cigg. Then i get on the bust listen to my ipod and sleep then i go to school. Pay attention and try my best to do all that is asked of me and then when the bell rings I get on the bus and I listen to my ipod and then I get off and sometimes my mother will be there to pick me and if shes not then i will have a cigg. Then I will walk home and then by at least 4 30 start whatever homework i have and doo as much as i can fucking take. Beacuse even tho i have learned to deal with shcool I HAVE NOT !!! gotten over my haterd for homework. I fucking hate homework and i think that teachers are fucking BULL SHIT for giving students homework. But w.e
The point is thattt i get it, i got it i do what i have to do and then i move on I get out, its that simple...and its that hard. But its do-able and i know i can do it. Tonight i have a pretty big assiment on my hands and its a project due for mrs hendersens class so i need to get my ass into gear. BLLLAAA i'm soo fucking bored ill talk about fucking anything at this point my mind acts like a red bull on a rampage when bored. Give me a keyboard and I'll type even tho it wont make sense.
Soooo today was kinda terrible, and I'm really not looking forward to dealing with homework when i get home or dealing with anything for that matter im just not in the fucking mood. Also i feel fat as fuck from easter yesterday which is even more perfect and Im greasy cuz i didnt take a shower. WHY CANT I LEARN NOT TAKING A SHOWER IN THE MORNING WILL FUCK ME OVERR WHEN IT COMES TO SCHOOL IT ALWAYYYSSSS FUCKKING DOES AND IM SOO FUCKING OVER THAT SHITTTTTT ugh why cant i learn. Its laziness thats the problem. I'm so fucking tired i just give the fuckk up well we are in the last 15 minutes of school and im just looking forward to getting on the bus and getting home i have like a quater of a ciiggggyyy waiting for me and im dying.


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