Sunday, August 9, 2009

Falling Down

The road.
The signs and signals.
The plan.
Follow it, cherish it.
Want only for its success and its greatness.
Learn for it and want for it
Follow it.
When every bump feels like mountains and cuts stain like bruises. You will love it. .
With every step , I walk towards it. In every breath I take I know Ive lived for it.
This is all I have. When love has left and faith has turned it's back.
I know what I still have.
But with this passion and my great need...I have fear.
I am afraid. To want somthing so badly to see somthing so vividly. To be so close and far kills me.
I am afraid that I will not achieve it.
Time feels like sand. Momments to grain.
Heavy and sad they fall down beside me. I lay in momments gone and memories past, and I stare up at sand that has yet to fall. Momments I have yet to lived. That is when fear creeps in. To think that it will stop. That the sand will run out.
I can not bare it. I have to have it.
Falling Down.

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