Sunday, March 8, 2009

Over it.

Seeing it in print and in picture and in real would think it would have made it worse, but it didnt, I feel better. For a momment I stressed over it i dwelled on it. But then I just dropped it, there isnt anything I will do...anymore.

I will not look for it and I will not beg for it. Beacuse I've some pride left. This reputation I have is silly and stupid..beacuse I am not like that...and tho it might have seemed as if i was...I was never. I was caught up in somthing I didnt understand....and the backlash was even more confusing..The point is I'm over it I'm done. and I will admit that i am without a boyfriend without a love intrest and without being intrested in but no one will ever call me ALONE.. no one can. I am not alone at all I am simply single. And in some ways glad of it. I let things happen beacuse I didnt understand them. I did things beacuse I wanted some kind of standard..I wanted some kind of leverage. So this is it my love life status...It's empty and its pretty much dead. But thats okay beacuse I can revive it.

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